Shape the future of home interior

We help people feel alive and let them focus on things, that matter

What we believe in

Challenging the ways..

..things are done. We are a group of people dedicated to question the status quo and to reinvent the thinking of people. Only challenging ways and habits will push the frontier a bit further.

Making our customers happy

We strongly believe, that making life easier and more efficient for people will give them more time to spend on things that matter most to them. Thus, we aim for clarity, simplicitiy and convenience for our customers.

Making ourselves happy

We understand, that only happy and successful employees will make customers happy! Thus, we try to create a wonderful, happy and challenging work environment for all kind of people, regardless of their gender, age, race or nationality.

A steep learning curve

We are small and therefore encourage everyone in the team to learn fast and quickly. From day one, everyone gets a multitude of challenges each day and responsibilities for their own projects. We will help us to improve in our skills - personally and professionally.

Making ourselves better

We strive to constantly improve ourselves. Therefore, we are building a world-class team of motivated and enthusiastic people, all pulling in the same direction and eager to explore new frontiers.

Front-End Developer (Full/Part time)

You will work together with us on improving the user experience and creating new ways for customers to make the right decision for their home. You have a strong web frontend background(HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

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Full-Stack Developer (Full/Part time)

You will work together with us as the first tech hire apart from the founder, creating and maintaining new products/services in the sphere of ecommerce, supply chain management, visual presentation, data prediction among other fields. You have a strong web development background (PHP, SQL, JS).

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Online Marketer (Working student / Internship)

You will play an important role in Butoraim’s marketing activities. Help us grow a fabulous e-commerce platform where customers can easily find affordable, inspiring furniture with good quality.

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Writer / Content creator (Internship)

You will help to build and expend our inspiring home decoration magazin as well as extent our content marketing activities.

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Product Manager (Full-Time)

You will play a major role in managing our development and help us create a fabulous E-commerce platform with.

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Business Development (Internship)

You will play a major role in our internationalisation strategy and help us to grow faster and more organised.

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Leadership team

Alex Schikalow


Co-Founder - responsible for Development / UX / Strategy

Skilled in making the right things instead only the things right. Passionated in building products/services for humans. Concerned about making things easy. Knows, that h2, div, if else and O(n) are not video games.

Axanne Jelasity


Co-Founder - responsible for Sourcing / Product presentation / Marketing

Skilled in choosing the beautiful things at the right time for the right place. Knows, that CPC, CLV and CAC are not fancy shoe brands. Loves everything fluffy & cute.